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Coming soon to Rochester, NY~

Coming soon to Rochester, NY~

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Being a "Good" Wife

Today's Proverb reminds me that we are wired for relationship. We are created to walk with others and to share our journey.  We need a helpmate and a significant other to share the journey.  Oh that we might all aspire to be a wife that can be labeled "good" as we pray for and inspire, encourage and uplift our spouses! 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Let's Just Put Our Fists Down

Proverbs 18:21New American Standard Bible (NASB)

Death and life are in the power of the tongue,
And those who love it will eat its fruit

Today's proverb has spoken to my heart in a profound way.  Let me explain.  Last week my daughter and I spent the week in the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at our hospital. They were trying to catch one of her seizures on her EEG and video, so that treatment could be clarified.  Five days we spent together, no less than three feet apart at any given moment. Sleep deprivation is part of protocol to bring on the seizures.

We were tired.

But we laughed and we chatted and we drew together. 

.............And she shared something that she was walking through.

Her "friends" would not ask her to do anything outside of school because they weren't comfortable with her diagnosis of epilepsy. They didn't want to "put themselves in an uncomfortable situation." 

I hope you feel what I felt: anger mixed with equal parts sadness. 

Our words can hold death. It doesn't matter what color you are or what diagnosis you are fighting: You matter just as you are. It doesn't matter what gender you are or what gender you are transitioning to: You Matter just as you are.  It doesn't matter what sexuality you subscribe to: You matter just as you are. Democratic or Republican: You matter Just as You Are. Muslim, Hindu, Jewish or Christian: You Matter Just As You Are!!

When we start loving the world recklessly, we may just have a chance of changing it for His Glory. Solomon promises us that those who speak life will love it and will partake of the fruit that is grown because of it. Let's start loving recklessly. I am grateful for the friends that my daughter does have that look out for her and protect her. They are so precious to this Momma's heart, because I see the fruit of their labor. We will never introduce anyone to their Savior through hate and screaming..love, grace and mercy changed the world 2000 years ago.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Make My Life A Gift To Him

A gift opens doors for a man and brings him before the great. Proverbs 18:16
When I first read this Proverb, I had an uneasy feeling.  The thought of giving, in expectation of receiving---made me feel uncomfortable. If I give a gift, I hate to think that I am waiting  to recieve something in return.  May I never give, in order to recieve an audience or be granted favor!

I reflected on Solomon and what this nugget of Wisdom might mean for me today.  I pray that my day is a blessing to others, that somehow--someway, I can stop thinking about me long enough to love on someone else.  To touch, to linger, to see and to express compassion.  When I give THIS gift, I am granted an audience with the name above all names and, I hope, bring a smile to the face of my Jesus.

Check out the video here on how I did today's layout!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Releasing Into Rest

I love today's Proverb.  Imagine the name of the Lord and the character that is encompassed within the glories of His name are ENOUGH for us today. Whatever we are walking through, whatever crisis we are facing, whatever disappointments meet us as we awaken----His name is enough. 

Abiding in Him, we are offered a higher perspective, a survey of what the enemy is laying out before us, and the safest place to fight the enemy of our soul.  We get to battle from the sanctity of His inner chamber, housed within the glories of His name.  We are set apart from the world and taken out of. The battle.  We are promised safety.  Call on the name of Yahweh today and give the battle to Him. Aren't you exhausted from the hand to hand combat? 

Let's pray: Yahweh we call on Your precious name today and we usher You into our circumstances.  We release the outcome and the past into Your name, as we climb higher and higher into a different perspective. Protect us Lord, let us sit and be restored and refreshed in the safety of Your name.  We give you the fight today and release into rest. 

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Presence Carriers

Matthew Henry says: "Tale-bearers are those who secretly carry stories from house to house, which perhaps have some truth in them, but are secrets not fit to be told, or are basely misrepresented, and false colours put upon them, and are all told with design to blast men's reputation, to break their friendship, to make mischief between relations and neighbours, and set them at variance." 

Secrets not fit to be told, vulnerabilities shared in confidence. The gossiper takes these as treasures to be relished and shared, breaking relationships and hearts in their wake. What. If we were to look at the flip side of this coin?  What if we were to carry stories of encouragement and joy over those that we come in contact with speaking life into them and about them, and these are the things that are ingested into the deepest parts of our soul? How would our worlds be different if our words encouraged and inspired, and helped to awaken dreams?

We have the power to try it!  Let's agree today that speaking life into our atmospheres allows room for Holy Spirit to awaken, revive, replenish and restore. We get to be presence carriers, and how much more noble is this calling as we gain control over our thoughts, ambitions and words!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Using Borders!

I thought that today I would share some of my favorite borders with you!  In doing my small daily devo in my calendar, I use different borders around the text.  I usually always put some sort of border on my  full page spreads as well, as I feel like they present a visual "Stop" for the page.

Try these out and incorporate. Them. Into your everyday, they are fun and easy! 

Monday, August 29, 2016

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