Chasing Wisdom

Join us, in 2016 as we chase Wisdom through the Book of Proverbs.  We will connect a Holy Obedience to the ordinary.  Bible Study meets creative journaling, with an online community, videos that teach technique and an online classroom through the year!

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Week One- a sample of what our Study holds:

Wisdom vs. Knowledge
The scriptures are equally concerned with living on Earth,
living well- in robust sanity. 
In our scriptures heaven is not the primary concern to which
Earth is a tag-a-long or afterthought.
 “One Earth as it is in Heaven” was Jesus prayer.
Wisdom is the biblical term for this- on – earth-as-it-is-in-heaven. 
Everyday living. 
Wisdom is the art of living skillfully in whatever actual conditions we find ourselves.
It has virtually nothing to do with information. 
A college degree is no certification of wisdom,
nor is it concerned with keeping us out of mud puddles. 
Wisdom has to do with becoming skillful in honoring our parents
and raising our children,
handling money
and conducting our sexual lives,
going to work, exercising leadership,
using words well and treating friends kindly,
eating and drinking healthy,
cultivating emotions within us and attitudes towards others that cultivate peace.  Threaded through all of this is the insistence
that the way we think of and respond to
God is the most practical thing we do.
In matters of everyday practicality, nothing
       absolutely nothing-
takes precedence over God.
Proverbs concentrates on these concerns more than any other book in the Bible.  Attention to the here and now, Holy Obedience to the Ordinary. - The Message

Thoughts and reflections, to journal, create and discuss:
*What does “On Earth- as it is in Heaven” look like and how do we reflect this truth in our everyday?
*Proverbs will help us with our everyday living, is there an area where you feel the Lord is magnifying focus for you, after reading the above attributes of Wisdom?
*If you read through the list above, there is no greater New Year’s resolution than chasing wisdom, as it puts God first, and a holy obedience to the ordinary 2nd. If we can really get our heads and our hearts around this truth – what a kingdom presence we would be! 
*How we THINK OF and respond to God is our most important thing.   How do you think of God? Is He a safe place? Can He be trusted with the everyday moments of your life, the details of your everyday? Are you seeking to know Him more? Remember that gratitude journaling is part of our study, and part of our everyday seeking Him. Where will you do your gratitude journaling? How will you incorporate that into the study? I promise that the gratitude journaling – daily – will change your faith walk!!!

So, for this week, lets enter into thoughts of Wisdom and lay out our journals.  With a focal point, word or verse…and with Wisdom vs. Knowledge.  Videos start Jan 15th, classroom date to be announced!  Have fun and – please- post pics as you, and your groups meet and delve into His Holy word!!!

Want to join in the fun of a Bible Study with paint?  Jump on over to our free creative community:
With instructions and demonstrations you will experience the Bible like never before!!

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