Sunday, December 28, 2014

Journey of Blessings Overview

It occurred to me that Herod was under the same star that led the three wise men to Bethlehem, but His attention was elsewhere. In this world that coaxes and teases our attention away from Him, we can miss the Son. J.O.B. is a journey, a Journey of Blessings....documenting those places that the Lord shows up and amazes. Those places, unless intentionally focused on, can be missed as easily as the Star of Bethlehem was missed by a worldly king. When we shift our focus and we watch and wait- as the wise men did- our perspective shifts....we learn of the character and nature of God...we know that He is personal and intimate...we see Him in the raindrops, in the skies and in the kisses He delivers throughout the day, Entering His courts with Thanksgiving, we find Him- in the ordinary, in the everyday...not in the everyday of a manger- but in the everyday of our lives. When trouble hits- we know the character and the nature of our God - we KNOW who He is and how faithful He is. We know Him, so we rest in Him- and He protects us under His mighty wing. Want to stat a journey- a Journey of Blessings? Want to grow your faith in 2015? Workshops are available, and there will be an online community that will journey together!

Supplies for Journey of Blessings

In preperation of our new Journey of Blessings, for 2015....I have gathered together some ideas about supplies yoou might like to look at.  Of course, the planner you choose is so, absolutely, your choice.  I ffind that I am a planner snob, and it is hard to find one that satisfys me!! Last year I used the At-A-Glance and did like it...the paper held up well to the inks and mediums that I subjected it to,  This year I am trying the Moleskine 12 month planner- it is just bigger...with a whole page next to each week to create on....I like that for this year.
When choosing a planner- look for paper that will hold up to mediums.  Thin paper might not take the wear and tear that we will be subjecting it to!
I like UniBall pens- they write over most everything, can be found at Target-or other
national sellers, and are inexpensive. They are also waterproof, so that you can layer on top of them. 
A nice tray of watercolors can get you started!  
So, first things first, lets gather our planners, markers and paints!  I will be posting technique videos on Youtube as we go along, for inspiration and encouragement as we embark on this journey together!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Family Tree

I was asked to draw/paint a family tree for a dear friend...what a pleasure and an honor! The fingerprints of all of the family members will be added during the.Christmas fun! Available for custom orders!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Journey of Blessings!

Coming soon to a blog near you.......!  You may want to ask Santa for a daytimer- At a glance, Moleskine calendar....or a blank journal!!  Join our mailing list to get updates!   Gratitude Journaling has been the single most explosive thing I have done in my faith walk....The idea?? -To document the goodness of God, to find Him in the sunsets and the clouds and to be overcome with be moved to tears by quiet answers to prayers...answers to prayers that don't come in and explode our atmospheres, instead they come in on the wings of a butterfly.  Blink and you may miss them. Watch and wait on the goodness of the Lord and you find yourself overwhelmed by His intimacy and attention to detail. To see God throughout your day, to experience His blessings on a daily blessing build faith and relationship...then, when your world explodes (as it so often does) and you are unsure, and a bit afraid, and cant understand the happenings of know, you JUST KNOW who your God is- because you got to know Him in the green pastures and you fed and delighted in His provision.  That provision will carry you through the wilderness, through the unknown, through the scary and through the hurts. I promise!  So - get ready - grab a planner and check back for our launch of J.O.B - a journey of blessings!!  We will do it all online and share in our journeys together!
No experience necessary: just a heart willing to find thanksgiving

A year of luscious blessings, gathered in one place

This project has kept me focused and intentional during difficult times

Grow the mustard seed this year

Monday, December 8, 2014

A Fun Shoe-y Prayer

I made this Salt Leak for our salty sidewalks project..where we abandon art/scripture...loved doing it, complete with handmade prayer bead, flower constructed from junk mail, and collaged with newspaper that protected a present...the scripture? Jeremiah 29:11
Bathed in scripture and prayer
Flower made from junk mailers
Homemade Prayer Bead

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Trash To Treasure

My kids are busy, which keeps me busy. They play instruments, act, and sing.....and are always,always running. Over the years,I have collected many playbills, that I kept in a stack on my desk. I had,one of those,inspirational moments and  thought, "Wouldn't it be  it  great to gather them all in one place"....enter an old box,some glue, buttons,twine, and...there you have it, a new creation that houses all of that talent and experience...and many memories for us to take out and enjoy.
It all started with a discarded Little Debbie box
And became a wonderful gathering place for memories
A very simple binding, that I can continue to add playbills in...
A peek on the inside

Available for custom order! Contact me for ordering details!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A New Type of Canvas

I get to teach art to the greatest kids on the planet, ranging in ages from 2, up through High School.  I LOVE that I get to be me and inspire and encourage the next generation of artists! To end our 3-dimensional unit, for my middle schoolers, I wanted to do something fantastic.  So - we are going to repurpose shoes.
First, I hit Goodwill and found the most fabulous shoes I could find (thinking that middle school girls are going to be all about the high heel, fancy adult shoe)

Next - spray painted with a primer, while putting a pool noodle int he boot to maintain form, and plastic bags in the shoe part - to keep it puffed up.

Let dry, and start adding coats of gesso.

The fun thing is - that even the shiny shoes took the paint and become a fantastic canvas...the boot?  You ask?  yes, you can take the noodle out, when dry - and the form is maintained.  Now - to let them loose to create.

Note to self:  This is so fabulous and fun, I may paint them up, add some scripture - and use as a salt leak.....check out more about spreading the Gospel, intentionally through the Gospel - on

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Throwaway magnet -to INSPIRATIONAL Fridgey!!

I was getting ready to toss out some sticky magnets that were attached to the front of my paper phonebook, that always appears on my front porch.  I never see who leaves this phonebook, but, I blink and a replacement always appears.
Truth be told, I never use my phonebook, and have always tossed it away.  This year, I determined to use it for background pages and scattered through mixed media pieces. After all, it is free- and it comes to me- delivered to my very doorstep!!
AS the magnets were about to be released from my fingertips, hitting the trash... I thought..."Wait- I could do something with these"...and, I started thinking.
I wound up :
*Cutting a gelli print that I had previously pulled that I wasn't crazy about and cutting it to size.
*I glued down to the front of the magnet
*I made a paper rose out of a page of the phonebook  (Really, this should be double recycling points, don't you think???)
*Spritzed, sprayed, embellished and added scripture - and - VOILA - a cute "Fridgey" to offer inspiration!
Soon to be repurposed magnet!

Added paper rose and embellishments

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!!

Eraser Art!!

Lines drawn onto the eraser

Carving completed

Holy guacamole- I love it!!!!

Fern imprint....l.o.v.e.

You can see my attempts at carving into a large eraser that I purchased at the dollar store.  I free-handed a wood texture onto the eraser, and started to carve into it.  The eraser was a dream to carve, demanding little pressure, and  exacting great precision.  Once I had completed the wood grain, I flipped it over and carved in a fern imprint.  Both were so, so easy to do - and I think gave great results!!!  Ssssh, dont tell anyone - I am going down to the dollar store and grabbing all of those erasers!!

Thursday, November 6, 2014


A sentiment for all of those that fight disease, and win...maybe for a moment, for a day, or for  a lifetime....May disease never define us.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Journaling in my Bible

When I study my Bible, I get pictures in my head...I have recently stumbled across movement to journal within the confines of your Bible.  (Check out the Facebook page here:  )This has been a fabulous adventure! I love scribbling in the margins and cementing His words, and promises, in through words and pictures. Opening the bible has never been so exciting ❤  I find that I am connecting with the scriptures so deeply....this one was about the prodigal really struck me that, BOTH, sons were looking at relationship through works based faith.  One brother - the prodigal, felt that he wasnt good enough for the Father's blessings- and the other brother felt that he DESERVED the Father's blessings.  Fact is, God just sits on the front porch, waiting for us to come home, so that He can shower us with identity and inheritance. We cant be found deserving, or "too far gone"...hes just waiting on the front porch, sippin' sweet tea, until we come home....:- ) Note: this perception was taken out of the LSV version of the bible: the Lisa Standard Version

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Dollar Store Find

I found this ornament at the dollar store, there were 3 in a pack. Laying  it down on my paper, I   sprayed my homemade ink sprays over it, let dry for just a moment-, and VOILA!!!!!!!!  ..........what a beautiful little design  it made!

Meat Tray Stencils?

A button, a washed meat tray, and paint....wonderful! Press the button into the Styrofoam, making an indentation...voila, you have an easy, inexpensive stencil with unlimited possibilities!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Bottle Cap Magnets

I wanted to share the End result of my bottle cap experiment ....drum roll please........INTRODUCING, THE cutest, little, magnet...EVER! HOW ADORABLE!  I love that it is fully customizable, easy, fun, and no fail. What a sweet way to encourage others...this experiment gets two thumbs up!

I did have to modify the original experiment - introducing clay as a base.  I have found that these are the cutest little additions to my mixed media pieces!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It All Comes Together

Voila! I live when something comes together so cutely

My Hope Is In The Lord

Life has been a bit unpredictable and crazy lately...but, I have hope in Him, who sees the beginning and end and works all things out for our good. This little baby is done on a piece of cardboard I recycled from an old dryer box 😊 For me, her hair shows the crazy circumstances she walks in...but, the music is the calm, the peace, the JOY in the midst of the storm.

Das Bead, Unlimited Potential!

I have been trying to perfect a handmade bead, that I can write prayer words on, such as joy, healing, peace. Air dry clay does not dry stable, it is very unpredictable and brittle. I got some Das clay, and started far, I LOVE! They take any medium, offer an unlimited palette, with unlimited mediums, and cost effective to far, two thumbs up! This little bead has Speedball calligraphy ink, white gelly roll,  Tim Holtz distress markers and Faber Castell Pit marker....I may be in love....❤

Monday, October 20, 2014

Glue, Bottle Caps, and Dye.....Oooooh Myyyyy

Are you are coming to realize, I hate to throw things away? I had some left over, watered down, Elmers Glue....I got to thinking about magnets. Soooooooooo,  I took the glue and poured it into bottle caps. I then dropped ...small....drops of Liquitex inks into the glue...and, PRESTO! Aren't they the coolest little jewels? I will paint the backs with enamel paint and add magnets❤

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Monica: Romania
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