Salty Sidewalks

An Art/Scripture Abandonment Experiment!

Salty Sidewalks: A Divine Experiment

What would happen if we peppered our cities and sidewalks with the salt of God's word and the encouragement of our prayers...if we dropped scripture and art, and left these pieces scattered about on our sidewalks?  If we trusted that God would have the "right" person pick it up?
What kind of stories could we share-of God's provision and faithfulness? What sort of global -Gospel impact -could we have, reaching one person at a time?
What sort of testimonies would be released? Call this is a divine experiment- want to join us?
What do you have to do? 
We are all artists, this is a call to creative arms- where we splash the world with the light of His love. Most of us are splashing in paint everyday- beauty matters- color is the visual representation of light. John 1 : 9 says, "The one who is the true light- who gives light to everyone- was coming into the world."-----the darkness can not put out this light - this COLOR of grace and mercy. Would you consider joining us? Would you consider sharing your blessings with the hurting, the serving, the lonely - and gift them with color and creativity?
The premise here is simple: We abandon artwork wherever we go. This artwork has the Gospel written on it - and - we sit back and pray, that the one that picks it up receives the heavenly kiss that God intended for them.

We are artists, we hold the power of the pen and brush in our hands - TO CHANGE THE WORLD. Join us this season? Splash the world with His light - and share your pictures with us? Let us rejoice this season -as our soul feels its worth
How do you get started?  
Check out our free community on Facebook: 
and our website: 
You will find out tags here - that we attach to our artwork.
*Create scripture verses in whatever way you choose, use photography, clay, mixed media,- let the salt of the Word find its way into your medium, and get ready to  "loose" it in your everyday life, in everyday places, for everyday people to "find", pick up and be blessed.  That this would become sweet, heavenly manna- and an answer to prayer, found by just the right recipient, at just the right, God-ordained moment.
*Post the pics on our FB page, email them to me here, or at  of what you are making and releasing, and pics of your drop off point.  (How fun!) 
The idea is .....
to  INTENTIONALLY......., create a piece that speaks of God's love and declares the Gospel. 
*Pray for the recipient, that His words enter fertile ground.
*Leave these cards/bookmarks.canvas,tags, crochet pieces, knitted pieces, quilts, sculptures, etc behind at coffee houses and supermarkets, at shops and parks...
*and lets see how God whispers to His beloved - that He does see them and He does care and their prayers have been heard.
Let's sit back and share the stories here.
I cant wait to see what happens.
Want to pull up a chair and join us?
We can share a sweet tea and chat, in the meantime.....
A SAlt Leak ready to be abandoned

A salt leak ready to go!!!
 An Advent Challenge: As the world prepares for her King, would you join us in abandoning the Gospel - one salt leak a day - throughout the Advent Season?

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