Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Honesty In My Dealings

Proverbs 20:14 speaks to me of honest dealings. I love a good bargain, I mean...I . LOVE. A .  GOOD . Bargain!! But, if that bargain comes at the cost of my integrity - in the heat of battle- in the heat of a bargain - am I willing to walk away from dishonesty in order to have this Holy Obedience to the Ordinary? This walk is not an easy one- we are called to minute by minute decisions that bow to righteousness.
May we all slow down today so that we can hear the whisperings of the Spirit as He guides us through this minefield called "life".

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Loyalty Is A Booger

Today's Proverb has me pausing and reflecting. "Many say they are loyal friends, BUT, who can find one that is truly reliable?" Proverbs 20:6 (NLT)
Loyalty is a funny thing. According to Webster, faithfulness is wrapped into loyalty. We know that faithfulness is a fruit of the Spirit, so we are to search for it and to try and attain this character of God- that is against our earthly flesh.
Loyalty. Phew. The word for faithful here is 'emuwn", meaning trustworthy. I have had my fair share of folks that I put my trust in and it didn't work out so well.
So, I seek the face of God and I ask what can I learn and what can I do? How can these experiences make me a better person, a more faithful person? For me, I think the answer is to examine the places and spaces that hurt me and vow to not be this way to allow my experiences to shape me for the better reflection of Christ.
Friendships can be tough- loyalty is a booger---Solomon even voices this allusive relationship in his Proverb today. But God offers us His Holy Spirit to be our compass as we navigate through our relationships.
I pray that each day I am a better reflection of Christ than I was yesterday, because I have given over more of my earthly flesh to Him. I pray that I will be deemed a faithful friend and believer when I stand before Him.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Slowing Down To A Saunter

Matthew Henry gives a great commentary on today's Proverb: 
      "Some are very able and fit to give counsel, having an excellent faculty of cleaving a hair, hitting  the joint of a difficulty, and advising pertinently, but they are modest, and reserved, and not communicative; they have a great deal in them, but it is loth to come out. In such a case a man of understanding will draw it out, as wine out of a vessel. We lose the benefit we might have by the conversation of wise men for want of the art of being inquisitive."
Do you know anyone that requires a "slow down of intentionality"? It is so easy to speak over them and to finish their sentences? I have a friend who operates about 12 settings lower than I do. I buzz, she meanders. I hop, she saunters. She taught me to slow down and listen, to wait for the wisdom that drips from her lips. "The art of being inquisitive"---and patient seems to reap many a reward as I saunter alongside her. <3

Monday, November 21, 2016

Engrave Your Words On My Heart!

I think it is interesting to note that the word for "plow" here is: charash, meaning to plow, cut in...ENGRAVE. Couldnt we view this Parable through the lens of our relationship with God?  If we don't take the time to engrave His precepts in our hearts during the "right season" (ie good times) - how will we able to call on Him, trust in Him and have faith when the hard times hit, when the "harvest" might not be what we expected? ?
How do you live out a daily "engraving" of His words on Your heart? 

Friday, November 18, 2016

Peace From Addictions

Today's Proverb is 20:1 "Wine is a mocker and strong drink a brawler, whoever is intoxicated with it is not wise."
I find myself in complete agreement with Solomon that addiction is a monkey on one's back that oppresses and diminishes the purpose of our lives. Today I pray for those that are struggling with addiction, in one form or another, and pray that they would experience the healing touch of Jesus today. I pray that we all find freedom from the things that can hold us and bind us, being released into the peace and clarity of His freedom.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Learning Reverance The Hard Way

Proverbs 19:29 "The irreverent have to learn reverence the hard way; only a slap in the face brings fools to attention." -Msg
Oh that I have an ear inclined to Wisdom and a heart that beats in tune with His! I reap the consequences of what I sow.   I thank God that He sent His Son to pay my price. He came as a baby and the world did not recognize Him, though they waited and watched for Him. Thank you Jesus, that I can come before You with a repentant heart and be washed as white as snow.

I pray that my life is a delight to my Savior, as I walk in the freedom He has given me.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Change of Plans!

Welcome to a Proverb a day!  At our projected schedule we will complete the book of Proverbs in one year, from our place today; the end of Proverbs 19.
Join us as we examine, explore, visualize and journal our daily conversations with God.   Yesterday's Proverb (19:27) made me think, and stopped me in tracks this morning. When we cease to hear, because we are too busy, or too committed, or too angry, or too distracted, or too, well, - anything...we WILL STRAY for His knowledge. This walk is a moment by moment exercise in bowing our hearts to this Holy Obedience to the ordinary!
Tomorrow I will add another Proverb onto this weeks spread- not sure what the "final" page will look like, but----I do know, that this is a place where I interacted with God. In the Old Testament- a pile of rocks would be laid as a marker to a place where they had an interaction with their intimate GOd. Consider this my pile of stones that says, "Today I got to listen to God as His words and His intentions washed all over me"- and I say THANK YOU FATHER.
Today's Proverb: 19:28 A worthless witness cares nothing for truth—he enjoys his sinning too much...Living Bible
What do you think about when you read this Proverb? I "saw" a woman that plans and schemes and plays with lies as if they were butterflies.
Lord, quicken the truth within me so that I cherish truth and my witness to the world. 

Friday, November 11, 2016

Repurposing An Old Band Book

I found this book in a Goodwill Store, on one of my "junking" trips. I thought I was going to rip it up to use, but rather chose to use the paper as a sketchbook.  The paper accepted the Gelatos beautifully!  What a lovely paper choice for today's Proverb!!
I love the Proverb today - it reminds me that we should never, ever be satisfied with where we are in Christ- but always reaching for MORE of Him, as we abandon more of ourselves.
There is always more to release.
There is always more in the Scriptures, as we study to be find ourselves  approved before God.
There is always a time and a divine appointment for the "fool" to come into Wisdom.  There is always a chance for me to relinquish more of my foolish ways as I search for higher ground.

Thank you Jesus, that we serve a living God that speaks to us through Scripture every single time we choose to interact with it!!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Live Out Loud Today!

I want to encourage us all to work towards our dreams, to prepare them and to make them lay them before the Lord and then to cast those dreams out into the world. What a shame, when we give up on ourselves and give up on the dreams of yesterday. Feed yourself with the nourishment of your dreams and prepare to feed others as you encourage them as you walk out your destiny!
May we all partake in Kingdom dreams and Kingdom living today!!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Belazel- A Creative Retreat

"Belazel"- the artist called by name in Exodus. Today, He is calling out for a creative army to proclaim His name through color. Do you hear the call?
Join me, in the beautiful mountains of NC, this May. We will explore the roadblocks set out to distract and dissuade us from the promises made over us as we work on canvases, in altered books.
We will explore encaustics, acrylics, watercolors and grounds, spackle and embellishments---far too much to mention!
There are 20 spots left! Reserve now!
Early Bird special is over December 26th. Pay in full now and you will have a tote and apron waiting for you when you check in.
Want more details? Email me at

Learning To Let Go

I can get busy.  Lawd have mercy, I can get busy in my own head, with my own thoughts and dreams.  I can get so busy, I forget to check in with the Lord and see if I am lining up with His greatest call on mylife.
....and things get harder....
..............and my schedule gets fuller......
................and I get grumpier...............
and the world gets harder.

When I stop, drop and pray and check in with Him- I always find that my priorities are way out of balance and my schedule is filled with my own plans.

Today I pray that I have learned that He is the author and the perfector of my life and He leads me beside STILL WATERS. I pray I will stop and pray before I say, "yes" and before I begin filling in appointments on my calendar again!!! I pray I am tuned into His still, small voice and that I...listen!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Lending To The Lord

Image may contain: text 
I love the visual here - that we are "lending" to the Lord when we help those in need. "Poor" doesn't only mean those with less can mean someone that needs an encouraging word, a hand up, a laugh, or a look in the eye that says, "I see you and you matter".
Let's all agree to "Lend" to the Lord today with generous hearts!!

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