Sunday, December 28, 2014

Journey of Blessings Overview

It occurred to me that Herod was under the same star that led the three wise men to Bethlehem, but His attention was elsewhere. In this world that coaxes and teases our attention away from Him, we can miss the Son. J.O.B. is a journey, a Journey of Blessings....documenting those places that the Lord shows up and amazes. Those places, unless intentionally focused on, can be missed as easily as the Star of Bethlehem was missed by a worldly king. When we shift our focus and we watch and wait- as the wise men did- our perspective shifts....we learn of the character and nature of God...we know that He is personal and intimate...we see Him in the raindrops, in the skies and in the kisses He delivers throughout the day, Entering His courts with Thanksgiving, we find Him- in the ordinary, in the everyday...not in the everyday of a manger- but in the everyday of our lives. When trouble hits- we know the character and the nature of our God - we KNOW who He is and how faithful He is. We know Him, so we rest in Him- and He protects us under His mighty wing. Want to stat a journey- a Journey of Blessings? Want to grow your faith in 2015? Workshops are available, and there will be an online community that will journey together!

Supplies for Journey of Blessings

In preperation of our new Journey of Blessings, for 2015....I have gathered together some ideas about supplies yoou might like to look at.  Of course, the planner you choose is so, absolutely, your choice.  I ffind that I am a planner snob, and it is hard to find one that satisfys me!! Last year I used the At-A-Glance and did like it...the paper held up well to the inks and mediums that I subjected it to,  This year I am trying the Moleskine 12 month planner- it is just bigger...with a whole page next to each week to create on....I like that for this year.
When choosing a planner- look for paper that will hold up to mediums.  Thin paper might not take the wear and tear that we will be subjecting it to!
I like UniBall pens- they write over most everything, can be found at Target-or other
national sellers, and are inexpensive. They are also waterproof, so that you can layer on top of them. 
A nice tray of watercolors can get you started!  
So, first things first, lets gather our planners, markers and paints!  I will be posting technique videos on Youtube as we go along, for inspiration and encouragement as we embark on this journey together!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Family Tree

I was asked to draw/paint a family tree for a dear friend...what a pleasure and an honor! The fingerprints of all of the family members will be added during the.Christmas fun! Available for custom orders!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Journey of Blessings!

Coming soon to a blog near you.......!  You may want to ask Santa for a daytimer- At a glance, Moleskine calendar....or a blank journal!!  Join our mailing list to get updates!   Gratitude Journaling has been the single most explosive thing I have done in my faith walk....The idea?? -To document the goodness of God, to find Him in the sunsets and the clouds and to be overcome with be moved to tears by quiet answers to prayers...answers to prayers that don't come in and explode our atmospheres, instead they come in on the wings of a butterfly.  Blink and you may miss them. Watch and wait on the goodness of the Lord and you find yourself overwhelmed by His intimacy and attention to detail. To see God throughout your day, to experience His blessings on a daily blessing build faith and relationship...then, when your world explodes (as it so often does) and you are unsure, and a bit afraid, and cant understand the happenings of know, you JUST KNOW who your God is- because you got to know Him in the green pastures and you fed and delighted in His provision.  That provision will carry you through the wilderness, through the unknown, through the scary and through the hurts. I promise!  So - get ready - grab a planner and check back for our launch of J.O.B - a journey of blessings!!  We will do it all online and share in our journeys together!
No experience necessary: just a heart willing to find thanksgiving

A year of luscious blessings, gathered in one place

This project has kept me focused and intentional during difficult times

Grow the mustard seed this year

Monday, December 8, 2014

A Fun Shoe-y Prayer

I made this Salt Leak for our salty sidewalks project..where we abandon art/scripture...loved doing it, complete with handmade prayer bead, flower constructed from junk mail, and collaged with newspaper that protected a present...the scripture? Jeremiah 29:11
Bathed in scripture and prayer
Flower made from junk mailers
Homemade Prayer Bead

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Trash To Treasure

My kids are busy, which keeps me busy. They play instruments, act, and sing.....and are always,always running. Over the years,I have collected many playbills, that I kept in a stack on my desk. I had,one of those,inspirational moments and  thought, "Wouldn't it be  it  great to gather them all in one place"....enter an old box,some glue, buttons,twine, and...there you have it, a new creation that houses all of that talent and experience...and many memories for us to take out and enjoy.
It all started with a discarded Little Debbie box
And became a wonderful gathering place for memories
A very simple binding, that I can continue to add playbills in...
A peek on the inside

Available for custom order! Contact me for ordering details!

Monica: Romania

Monica: Romania
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On Earth As It Is In Heaven

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Art in the Mission Field
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Creativity Unleashed!